Solo Volleyball Drills to Try at Home

Fun Volleyball Games to Play Alone or With a Partner

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Solo volleyball training doesn’t have to be lonely and dull. In fact, if you don’t keep solo practice fun and entertaining you’ll most likely never be able to sustain a consistent, enjoyable, or productive workout. Here are some tips to put a little awesome-sauce back in your routines.

Once you put the time in, you will quickly begin to enjoy your rapid improvement. Our camp coaches have played volleyball for most of their lives, and can testify to the amount of conditioning the sport requires. Proper conditioning can be a long road, so make sure you’re fun along the way.

All of these drills and games need a volleyball. Practice in your backyard, at the beach, at your school gym, or at your local park. If you’re gearing up for summer, we like the beach option best… Enjoy!

“Work hard, have fun doing it, & you can really make it to places that you really never thought you would.
Dedication, passion & heart gets you where you want to be.”

— Lindsey Berg

Solo Volleyball Drills

Wall Bumps

As the name suggests, this solo volley game requires no more than ball and a flat wall that is rigid enough to pump a ball against — without upsetting your parents or neighbors. Here’s how it goes:

  • Stand about 3-4 feet from a wall, with your left shoulder facing toward the wall.
  • Bump the volleyball against the wall 5 times while keeping your left shoulder directed at the wall.
  • After 5 repetitions, keep the ball in the air, and move your feet so your right shoulder is now facing the wall.
  • 10 bumps against the wall (5 on each side) equal 1 set.
  • A successful set equals 1 point. This means that you keep the ball in play, and don’t let it hit the ground.
  • Should you miss a bump during a set, you subtract 1 point from your game.
  • Work up to 15 points.

Although this game is called the “Wall Bump,” you can also try this solo volleyball drill using a set against the wall. Instead of turning your body from left to right, change up your distances from the wall from really close up to further away. Dry a line in the sand, or use a towel to mark your near and far positions, so you can see your progression.

Extra Credit: Bounce the volleyball off the wall with an alternating bump right, bump left, set, and roll shot. Each successful round of the 4 shots equals 1 point. Every time the ball hits the ground, you lose a shot. Work up to 15 points.

Cupola Coverage

All you need for this game is a slanted roof above a garage or shed and an empty plastic garbage or landscaper bin. A slanted roof is a fun training device to practice digging the ball up off of a tip or a blocked spike. Again, make sure a parent or neighbor isn’t going to be upset with your ball play, and try not to throw the ball over the roof.

This volleyball game is super fun solo, but also has room for another player. Here’s how it goes:

  • Facing the slanted roof, throw the ball up on the roof
  • Run near the building to prepare for the ball rolling back toward you
  • Play the ball up, as if it were a tip, and try to land it in the can.
  • Move the can around your space to very the difficulty of your shots.
  • Get 1 point for every shot that lands in the can.
  • Work up to 15 points.
Solo Volleyball Drills to Try at Home
Solo Volleyball Games

Russian Twist Toss

This killer drill is also a fantastic core workout. Once you build up strength, try the second variation to increase the challenge. Strength training and core exercises help you reach your maximum performance potential. It is also vital for a volleyball player’s stability, hitting and serving power, and jumping prowess.

Let’s get started…


  • Start in a Russian twist position with your glutes on the ground. Pull your knees slightly towards your chest with your heels resting lightly on the ground.
  • Using just your middle finger and thumb on your right hand, flick the ball about 2 feet up in the air.
  • While staying in your Russian twist, catch the ball and flick it with your other hand.
  • Catch the ball without releasing your position, and swing your left hand underneath your left leg. Try to flick the ball straight up from this position.
  • Loop the right hand under the right leg and flick the volleyball up again.
  • Catch the ball, take a breath, and repeat the sequence.
  • If you can run the whole sequence and not drop the ball you get 1 point.
  • If you drop the ball, you lose 1 point, and have to start the sequence from the beginning.
  • Work up 10 ten points.


  • For this volleyball drill, you’ll use a traditional setting hand position.
  • Start by laying back with your feet in a scissor kick position.
  • Perform a small set with your left hand looped behind your left leg
  • Switch legs and perform a rep with your right hand looped around the right leg.
  • If you can run the sequence 5 times without dropping your feet or the ball, get 1 point.
  • If you drop your feet or the ball, lose 1 point.
  • Try to get a good rhythm, and work up to 5 points — or see if you can repeat the reps for 60 seconds.
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